Sports Premium

Our Sports Premium Grant

Highgate Primary School received £17,840 Sports Premium Grant funding for the financial year 2020/21. The Sports Premium school money was used to help provide continuing quality sports provision for all children.

The amount Highgate expects to receive for 2021/22 is £18,280.

Our spending plan (see document at the bottom of this page) details how we project our spending for the year to provide specialist coaching to offer high quality experiences for the pupils and to continue to help up-skill the teachers to raise their confidence in being able to deliver high quality PE. It will also be used to provide equipment and training to support sports leadership for some of our older pupils and to subsidise the cost of extra curricular clubs and activities.

Highgate Swimming Statement

Schools are now required to publish information about the ability of its Y6 pupils to swim 25 metres with a range of strokes and perform safe self-rescue in water situations.

Percentage of pupils in Y6 able to swim 25 meters 62 %
Percentage of pupils in Y6 able to swim 25 meters using a range of different strokes 62%
Percentage of pupils in Y6 able to talk about how to keep themselves safe in a range of water situations. 100%
Percentage of pupils in Y6 able to perform safe self-rescue 96.6%

Traditionally parents were allowed to opt into swimming instruction and many parents did not do this which made it not financially viable for the school to deliver swimming tuition in 2015/6 and 2016/7.

From August 2017, Y6 pupils were all taken swimming as part of their residential visit.

Since then, the school has sought a better deal and changed procedures for swimming tuition from 2017/8.

Due to Covid-19, we were unable to participate in Swimming Tuition but hope to have this reinstated (as long as this is permitted) for 2021-22.