Local Advisory Board

The Local Advisory Board Members support the Trust in the running of the school. They have legal duties, powers and responsibilities and can only act together, they cannot act individually.

Advisory Board Members are appointed to help:

· monitor what is taught

· monitor standards of behaviour

· interview and select staff

· monitor how the school budget is spent

Advisory Board Members are recruited from:

· parents

· school staff

· community representatives

· people with special skills

Parent governors are elected by parents and are your representatives on the governing body. Many of our governors are also parents of children at the school but are appointed in a different capacity. If you wish to speak to a parent governor please leave your number at the school office and you will be contacted.


If anything is bothering you at all please make an appointment to see the Head Teacher. Things can usually be settled amicably in this way.

If not, you have the right to appeal to the Local Advisory Board.

Members of the Local Advisory Board at Highgate

Dr J Fitchett – Chair of Governors

Mrs Sale – Head Teacher

Mrs C Richardson – Vice Chair of Governors

Mrs D Taylor

Mr M Wilkinson

Mr B Mastericks

Mr C Edwards

Mrs S Saunders

Clerk to the Local Advisory Board

Mrs J Taylor


Information on Local Advisory Boards and Governance documents can be found on the Trust website here –
Statutory information including Trust governance arrangements can be found here –

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