School Opening Times

The whistle goes at 8.45 am and all the children should be on the school premises by this time, ready to line up. The register is taken at 8.50am, children who arrive after this time will be given a late mark.

Coming into a classroom late can be as detrimental to your child’s learning as an absence. Many children find it traumatic to walk into a lesson that has already started and find it very difficult to settle into learning.

Reception and KS1 children participate in a phonics lesson each day between 9am and 9.20am. These lessons are vital for their learning.

Key Stage 2

Yr. 3—Yr. 6

8.45 – 12.00

1 – 3.20

33 hours a week

Key Stage 1

Y1 —Yr. 2

8.45 – 12.00

1 – 3.15

32.5 hours a week


8.45 – 11.50

1 – 3.10

32 hours a week