Covid-19 Information

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National Online Learning resource with daily 20 minute lessons.

Information about Remote Learning at Highgate

Information about Remote Learning at Highgate

Please take a look at the document above that details our Remote Learning Offer. Our key bit of advice is that we want you to look after your child’s mental health and well-being. If you are stressed about what you are being asked to deliver, this won’t help your child. Spend quality time with your family and reassure them that things will get better and they will be able to see their friends in person again soon.

We understand that each family is unique in how they will be able to support their children and many of you will have other commitments that may make it difficult to deliver the lessons we have planned.

Our team are committed to supporting you. Do not wait for us to call you (we are scheduling in regular catch up calls) if you have any queries about what your child is being asked to do. Contact your child’s class/bubble teacher to ask for their advice. We will do our best to help.

Covid-19 Contingency Plan Sept 2020

Highgate Primary Covid Contingency Plan Sept 2020

Letters to parents and FAQs – please note we will update this page as and when we can…

Internet Safety

Online Safety Letter 1st April 2020

Updated Risk Assessments for Third National Lockdown Jan 2021

Covid 19 Risk Assessment Highgate Jan 2021 Updated 6th Jan

For more information about keeping our children safe online, please take a look at our Safeguarding (including E-Safety) page by clicking the link below.

Safeguarding (including E-Safety)

Maths Lessons at Home

The following link may be of use to some of you especially if you are currently trying to juggle working from home and home schooling. The following website has produced daily five minute video lessons and questions to support your child in each year group. The White Rose produce teaching resources and their curriculum is aligned to ours. I hope that you find them useful.

I addition to this, please do not forget to use Mathletics which have lots of activities to complete which provide video tutorials if you click on a help button in the corner of the screen. They also allow children to click ‘something easier’ if it is too tricky and they would be better to go back and revise the step before. Logins were sent home in their learning pack.

For pupils in Year 2 and above, you can also use Times Table Rockstars. They can choose to play games with multiplication only or multiplication and division facts. They can also play friends online.


We have subscribed to a free trial of Numberbots which is created by the Times Table Rockstar team. Year 2-6 can use their TTRockstar login ins to go on immediately. On this software you can play games with basic number skills and addition and subtraction.

Can parents in Yr R and Yr 1 please email with your child’s name and class and I will email you your child’s login details as soon as possible. Please address the email to Mrs Saunders.

I hope that you enjoy using this.