Phonics and Early Reading

We follow the Letters and Sounds programme to ensure children develop their phonic skills in a coherent and systematic way. There is direct small group teaching of phonics using this programme from Foundation Stage to Year 1. Children take home a phonically decodable book matched to their phonic phase.

Children receive additional small group phonics teaching if they do not have secure phonic knowledge at the end of  Year 1. It is one of our school priorities to ensure that all children develop confidence in phonics to enable them to become confident readers.  We greatly appreciate parental support in this area and encourage parents to read the phonically decodable books with their child regularly.

Letter Order

EYFS Autumn 1 & 2

EYFS Spring 1

EYFS Spring 1 & 2 and Summer 1

Year 1

Jolly Phonics Letter Sounds

It is really important that the children learn and practise the correct sounds.

Below is a video of the correct pronunciations of sounds . It would be useful to watch this to help reinforce the correct sounds with your child when reading.